Tutorial - Download YGOPro - Percival18 Edition

Tutorial - Download YGOPro - Percival18 Edition

The features described here are based on YGOPRO version 1.032.0 Percy.

Fully automatedEdit

All Yugioh game mechanics are handled by the system. Manually handling things like card effects, life points, counters, drawing, shuffling, rolling die, coin tosses are not necessary. You can fully concentrate on the duel.

Have you ever forgotten to add the banished card to your hand from Gold Sarcophagus? Did your opponent Monster Reborn your synchro monster which summon was negated by Solemn Judgment? Forgot to mill cards by the effect of Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress?

These are just a few examples of mistakes that will never happen in ygopro. [1]

Online multiplayerEdit

Play with your friends and others around the world. Online and LAN modes are built in the system.

Latest cardsEdit

The newest yugioh cards are included in ygopro. New cards are usually available before the official release date.

Fully featured deck editEdit

Manage and construct infinite amount of decks. Decks can be created for different banlists.

Searching cards is simple by using the card text search function or card filters. [2] [3]


Duels are recorded automatically. Watch duels at a later time and analyze them step by step. Also great for recording videos and uploading to Youtube. [4] [5]

Custom rulesEdit

Game rules can be customized easily. You can modify the banlist, life points, TCG, OCG and much more.

Tag modeEdit

Duel together with a partner in this 2vs2 mode. Based on the tag duels from the Tag Force (PSP) series.

Puzzle modeEdit

A single player mode in which you have to solve a challenging situation and win the duel in one turn. Based on puzzle mode of the World Championship (NDS) series. [6]

Music & Sound effectsEdit

Background music for menu screens and during the duel. The music also changes when you have the advantage over your opponent, or when you are in a bad position.

All music and sound effects can be turned on/off and can also be replaced by any music of your choice.

Customizeable systemEdit

Change the background image, card sleeves, card pictures, music and even the user interface elements.

Play against AIEdit

Test your decks against the AI. This is the fastest way to duel, because you don't need to have a working internet connection and the AI takes decisions instantly. You can also program the AI via lua scripts.